About Us

Marvelous Mo' and Me is a West Chester based business who makes natural body care products utilizing essential oils,
local farm products and natural preservatives. M3 was initially envisioned by a mother of two, who is a Registered Nurse
in Pennsylvania. The line was created to have natural and safe options for my family versus the standard pick from the
shelf products which have very little benefit to cleaning the skin, protecting the skin, and at the same time NOT polluting our
body with harmful preservatives and other unnecessary items other companies use to preserve their products.

We are a clean company. We are a family company. Marvelous Mo' is my 9 year old daughter, Morgan, who since the age of 6
began naming our products after testing, knowing the ingredients and their positive effects. She's a stinking genius and
creative and since that creativity is AMAZING... she gets the first billing in the company name. Secondly, my best friend
Dr. Isaura Lopez-Thibault (a Paediatrician) came on board and helped research safe and effective ways of creating a
product that allows us to tout their glories as SAFE & EFFECTIVE. We make all of our products with our hands and with
our hearts.



Marvelous Mo's Mom

Marvelous Mo' and ME